AG Physical Class butwal Batch 2

Batch Description


Batch Status


Course Price

Rs. 13999

Rs. 11999


5 Months


Start On: 2023-11-04

End On: 2023-11-04

Batch Tutors

Mukesh Ramjali Nepali

Qualification: BSC.Ag, MSc.Ag, MPA

Experience: 10 years of teaching and works as Agriculture Extension Officer

Nabin Ghimire

Qualification: M.Sc.Ag (Horiculture)

Experience: 2076 साल देखि कृषि लोकसेवा प्रशिक्षक को रूपमा आबद्द

Saroj Bohara

Qualification: BSC.AG

Experience: sub instructor and lab technician at soil lab pokhara

Milan Ghimire

Qualification: MSc Ag

Experience: more than 6 years of working experience in different field including PSC.