(IQ) आधारभुत कार्यालय सीप परीक्षण Basic Office Skills Test BOST

(IQ) आधारभुत कार्यालय सीप परीक्षण Basic Office Skills Test BOST

The good teacher explain.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.

With IQ Specialist Mr. Kuber Adhikari,

This course is designed to help you enhance

your Cognitive abilities and boost your intelligence

 with our comprehensive. online

Curriculum. You’ll learn practical strategies and

techniques for improving your analytical, logical 

and reasoning skills and Interesting ideas

and method to attempt IQ questions to

crack you’re aayog exam.

During the course you’ll have access to

A wide range of learning resources, including

Video lectures, practice past question.

We’ll go through the potential, & necessary

Questions & content of shikshak sewa aaayog exam

This course is suitable for anyone preparing for 

Primary, lower secondary and secondary level of 

Shikshak sewa aayog exam.

Lectures (27 Videos | 36)
  • 1 : Verification Test ( रुजु गर्ने )
  • 2 : Completion (खाली स्थान वा क्रम पुरा गर्ने )
  • 3 : Classification (वर्गीकरण गर्ने )
  • 4 : Analogy (सम्बन्ध परीक्षण)
  • 5 : Filing Aptitude Test (फाइलिङ अभिरुचि परीक्षण)
  • 6 : Follows The Instruction (निर्देशन अनुसरण गर्ने )
  • 7 : Numerical Reasoning Test (संख्यात्मक चार्तुयता परीक्षण)
  • 8 : Coding And Matching Test (कोडिङ र भिडान परीक्षण)
  • 9 : Analytical Reasoning Test (विश्लेषणात्मक तार्किकता परीक्षण)
  • 10 : Direction & Distance (दिशा र दुरी ज्ञान परीक्षण)
Price Rs. 2000 Rs. 1499 /-