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Publisher : Samiksha Publication
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Tags : HA Mentor

Book Edition : 9th

Book Pages: 925

Published Year:2023 A.D. (2080 BS)

  • All the contents are strictly based on the revised Loksewa syllabus of Sudurpaschim Province.
  • The objective (MCQs) section is well presented with in-depth, highly important notes and chapter-wise MCQs as per the syllabus.
  • High-yield facts and key points are separated in every unit for a quick review.
  • Latest Facts, figures of annual report of DoHS (2077/78), NDHS-2022, Nepal Burden of Disease-2017, NMICS (2019), Nepal STEPS Survey (2019), Census (2011), and other various significant data are included.
  • Updated concept: Evidence Based Medicine, Meta-analysis, Systemic Reviews.
  • High yielding facts and key points are incorporated, important previous questions are highlighted.
  • Health related national plans, policies, strategies and their implementation status have been added into the first chapter.
  • The new and latest fact sheet, history, milestones, and landmarks of every public health program in Nepal have been added in Unit 1 Part II.
  • More than 6,000 MCQs and their answers are included for adequate practice.
  • Appropriate solutions of the Loksewa examinations of HA, PHO, HEO and other relevant examinations are included.
  • Doubtful questions and their justification are also included.
  • Equally beneficial for BPH entrance examination and Nursing Loksewa examination.

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