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HA MENTOR FOR LOKSEWA (कर्णाली प्रदेश )

Publisher : Samiksha Publication
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Online Price : RS. 675-/
Physical Price : RS. 675-/
Tags : HA Mentor

Book Publisher:Samiksha Publication

Book Pages:367

Book Edition:Second
Published Year:2022 AD (2079 BS)

Features of the Book:

  • Designed For Federal and Karnali Province Loksewa examination.
  • It incorporates the utmost coverage of theoretical review of all subjects in sequential order of curriculum of Karnali Province Loksewa Aayog with question-answer model, topic-wise and subject-wise breakdown of syllabus.
  • Short Questions with adequate answers based on Karnali province and federal Loksewa Aayog curriculum.
  • Includes Special Health Related Fact Sheet.
  • Presents organizational Structure and functions of Provincial Health Directorate and Health Institutions of Karnali province .
  • Includes 5 full Model Question Sets with answers.
  • Gives information about Current Health Issues, Health data and programs of Nepal.
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