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ANM MENTOR (सुदूरपश्चीम प्रदेश)

Publisher : Samiksha Publication
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ANM MENTOR FOR LOKSEWA (सुदूरपश्चीम प्रदेश विशेष संस्करण)

Book Edition:13th

Book Pages:876

Published Year:2023 A.D. (2080 BS)

Salient Features:

  • Updated and written as per Sudurpaschim provincial PSC syllabus along with NDHS 2022, Census 2078, Revised NIP, Nepal Maternal Mortality Study Report 2021, NDHS 2077/78, Su. Pa. Annual Health Report 2078/79, Updated data/Fact and Su. Pa. Past Question सहित समेटिएको सर्वाधिक रुचाईएको Mentor Series को ANM Mentor  सु.प. विशेष 
  • Recently updated Health fact sheet and data 
  • A Comprehensive Prep book for ANM,Sr,ANM ,Loksewa Examination.
  • Review of all chapters with Key points and highlights.
  • Chapterwise Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Enough Practice question added along with Model question sets of Sudurpaschim PSC.
  • ANM Past question papers fully solved with answers.

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